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Quilting for Enthusiasts – Excellent Patchwork Products

Welcome to Ezy Quiltz and Stitching, please enjoy browsing my site and products. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do to help. Our Quilting Fabrics are available Australia wide.

Who I Am

My name is Shirley Tyler. I’m a passionate quiltmaker and decided to start Ezy Quiltz and Stitching after my husband inspired me with his encouragement and support. I learned to sew when I was eight years old and was taught by my very crafty and talented grandmother. Over the next 40 years, I kept at it, growing my experience and skills and cementing an enthusiasm for sewing and constructing garments. My love of quilting has resulted in me pursuing long arm quilting, which I now specialise in.

About My Quilts and Products

I operate and create my quilts out of a studio. I have a love of bright colours, pastels, and Asian prints, and this love is reflected in each and every quilt I make. As well as quilts, I can do dressmaking whenever required.

My Fabrics

I sell a variety of Quilting Fabric Online Australia-wide on my site, which includes bolt fabric sold by the 25cm unit. If you need a metre, you would need to purchase four units of fabric that will be cut in one length. Shipping on all of my fabrics is calculated at checkout.

Ezy Quiltz and Stitching | Quilting Fabric Online Australia

If you love to sew and would enjoy getting involved with quilting and patchwork I can provide advice and quilting products to get you started. I can send my quilting fabric Australia wide and I have the full range of products including – Quilting and Sewing Fabrics and Notions, Pre-cut Designs and Batik Fabrics, and Sewing and Crochet Threads at very competitive prices.

Why not visit my online fabric shop to find all your sewing and patchwork tools. Quilting can be fun and addictive.

Quilting for Beginners – Fabric Quilting Australia

Many people start sewing because they would like to make a quilt. When you are a beginner and you have been thinking of making a quilt it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily Ezy Quiltz and Stitching can provide guidance and help and the essential quilting and patchwork fabrics online.

Shirley, the owner of Ezy Quiltz and Stitching is a very talented seamstress and makes beautiful quilts and other gorgeous things. Make sure you have a look at our About page to find out more. Please also check out our Long Arm Quilting Service here.

Quilting for Enthusiasts– Quilting Australia

Are you looking for some quality fabric or a quilt kit for patchwork quilting? Check out our website and you’ll find a range of quality products, patchwork fabrics, and a quilt pattern to suit your needs!

You must be into quilting or cross stitch if you find joy in picking out cool fabric and coming up with amazing combinations.

Ezy Quiltz and Stitching is the best place to find the perfect fabric for your patchwork quilting needs. Put your creativity into action and choose from an assortment of prints, patterns, and colours and work with our professional team so you can get your perfect design.

Stitched together with heart and creativity, Ezy Quiltz and Stitching, quilting made easy, is the place to go for those special featured products. With a wide variety of different types of stitching styles, you’re guaranteed to find something unique to your style that will make your patchwork quilting stand out from everyone else! What kind of memories will you create?

Call 0427 282 047 to place an order or ask any questions.

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